"Sowing Economic Empowerment to Domestic Violence Survivors" (S.E.E.D.S)

"Sowing Economic Empowerment to Domestic Violence Survivors" (S.E.E.D.S)

"Sowing Economic Empowerment to Domestic Violence Survivors" (S.E.E.D.S)"Sowing Economic Empowerment to Domestic Violence Survivors" (S.E.E.D.S)

A 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization proudly serving Southern Maryland Tri County Area.

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About Us


Our Mission and Vision

Our mission is to provide financial assistance to domestic violence victims to obtain financial freedom and independence. 

Our Vision is to break the chains of financial abuse.


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Our Amazing Board of Directors

Dahlia Freeman Downs (CEO & President)

Stacey Brown

Tyletta Rider

Paul Ray

Dr. Andre Barnett

We still have openings for board members and officers, if interested please contact us.

My Story

From Dahlia Freeman Downs, Founder &CEO

         About 7 years ago, I had to make a life or death decision that no mother wants to make and that was to leave the abusive situation I was in along with my children. I was tired of the emotional, mental and physical abuse so I decided to stand up for myself and for my children.  After being held in the home against my will, I had to make a choice to leave and get help from the courts. I finally made a way out of the home and drove to the court house for a protective order.  My abusive ex followed me there and filed a false protective order against me as well to be spiteful and to put fear in me.  I was granted the protective order and custody of the children and went to the bank to get some money out and it was all withdrawn except for $2.73.  I had children to feed and bills to pay and he took every dime and locked me out of the family business.  Later that day, I went to Lifestyles food bank to get food because Social Services was closed. 

         The next business day I applied for food stamps and medical assistance.  Throughout the day, I searched for financial resources to help with the bills but they were either out of funds, didn't exist or I was overqualified because of a business that I did not have access to. I was a stay at home mother of three and I was not working at the time, only the family business. I was left with no money and needed to look for work before they repossessed the car.  My ex put the home in foreclosure purposely so that me and the children would be homeless and run back to him. But God had a plan for my life. I did not know that in the mist of my situation God was preparing me for something greater. God spoke to me and my mission is to tell my testimony everywhere I go and to help those in financial need so they will not return back to the abuser.  There is life after leaving and we are stronger than we think. Seeds of Courage was created to reach every victim of domestic violence and to share my story and provide financial help to reduce any burden as possible and to give financial freedom and independence to those who seek it. This is my journey so let's be courageous together!!


Walk This Journey With Me

Our Program



  • Create and develop future goals what will empower and guide victims in moving forward after the abuse;
  • Educate victims about financial abuse in domestic violence relationships;
  • Provide financial assistance to help victims to leave an abusive situation to include but not limited to transportation, educational expenses, child subsidy;
  • Teach coping skills though journaling and self-assessment; and
  • Offer a referral-based service that connects survivors to local community resources.

Eligibility Criteria

One must meet all the eligibility to receive financial assistance (exception to #5 as it applies):

  1. Must be a resident of Charles, Calvert or St. Mary's County
  2. Must be 18 years old or older
  3. Must be an U.S. Citizen or legal resident
  4. REFERRAL ONLY (Therapist, DV Coordinator, Social Worker etc.)
  5. Abstinent from drugs and/or alcohol for at least three (3) months (if it applies)
  6. Out of an abusive relationship for no more than three (3) years.
  7. Have not received services from this agency within the last six (6) months


How to Apply?

  • One must be referred via email or phone (Referral Form Submitted)(see Eligibility Criteria)
  •  An Intake Form will be completed and an interview will be scheduled.
  •  During the interview, a Goal Assessment Application will be completed and needed documentation will need to be submitted.
  • Once the  application is completed, it will be  submitted for review.
  • A decision of approval and amount of assistance will be made within 48 hours (differ for emergency cases)
  • All financial assistance payments are paid directly to the provider not the recipient.

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